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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

ANGFA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) has created the following Terms and Conditions regarding the use of the website it operates (hereinafter, “the Website”).

Please read the following Terms and Conditions prior to use, and only use the Website if you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

In addition, please be aware that by using the Website you agree to be bound all of the following Terms and Conditions.

l  Users shall use the Website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Shopping Guide stipulated separately by the Company.

l  The Company shall be able to modify the contents of the Website without the prior notification of users.

l  Personal information of users gathered via the Website is handled in accordance with the Website’s Privacy Policy.

l  The resale or diversion of services provided by the Website is prohibited.

l  The commercial use of the Website’s services, service usage, and service access is prohibited in any and all forms including the commercial use, regeneration, reproduction, copying, sale, or resale, etc.

l  The Company shall be able to send notifications concerning new products and services of the Company and the Company’s subsidiaries/affiliates by means of catalogue, direct mail, and e-mail, etc.

l  The Company shall be able to send its branding book, e-mails, and samples, etc., at times it determines to be appropriate.


l  ANGFA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) cannot be held liable whatsoever for troubles, losses or damages caused by the use of the Company’s website (hereinafter, “the Website”) or information contained on the Website.

l  The Company cannot be held liable whatsoever for any and all damages caused by the failure of the user to access the Website.

l  The Company shall be exempt from liability after processing the user’s registered information.

l  The costs concerning the setup of required computer equipment and telecommunications equipment for the use of the Website by the user, including the telephone charges required for using the Website and the usage fees and application costs for LAN or other Internet connections, shall be borne by the user.

l  The use of Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 3.X is recommended when viewing the Website.

l  Please be aware that the use of other non-recommended browsers or certain user settings of the recommended browsers may prevent access to the Website or may result in an incorrect screen display.

l  Please manage your registered member password diligently and with due care.

l  Registered members must manage their own passwords according to their own responsibility.

l  The user shall be liable for acts carried out using his/her password.

l  If you discover that your password has been divulged to a third party, immediately contact the Company at info@angfa-store.jp.

l  The Company cannot be held liability whatsoever for damages incurred by the leakage of a password or the unauthorized use of the Website, etc.

l  The Company cannot be held liable for any and all damages incurred by the information contained on the Website, changes in file names, and the suspension or termination of the Website regardless of cause.

l  In addition, the Company cannot be held liable for the contents of all other websites to which the Website is linked.

Prohibited Acts

l  Users must not engage in the following acts.

Ø  Acts that deviate from normal use of the Website

Ø  Acts that cause a nuisance to other users

Ø  Acts that inhibit the business operations of ANGFA Store

Ø  Acts that infringe or may infringe upon trademarks, copyrights, personal privacy and other rights

Ø  Applying for membership using false information

Ø  Acts of placing orders using false information, placing orders in the name of other members, or facilitating such acts

Ø  Placing orders or requesting samples for resale purposes

Ø  Unauthorized credit card usage

Ø  Unauthorized use of another person’s personal information

Ø  Other acts deemed inappropriate by ANGFA Store


l  When a customer fulfills either of the following, the Company can refuse unconditionally to fulfill the order, regardless of whether a purchase agreement was reached with ANGFA Store.

Ø  Engaging in a prohibited act stated above

Ø  Being delinquent or defaulting on the payment of an obligation

Ø  If a credit card transaction cannot be settled

Ø  Placing an order through the unauthorized use of another member’s ID and password or forcing someone else to do so

Ø  Placing an order without the consent of a parent/guardian when under the age of 18

Ø  When the customer cannot be reached by the contact method they have provided; either telephone, fax or e-mail

Ø  Failure to respond to an inquiry made by ANGFA Store about an order

Ø  When ANGFA Store determines that the order is placed for resale purposes or preparation for such

Ø  In cases where the order is placed for a quantity exceeding the normal use of end users and the reason for which is unclear

Ø  When ANGFA Store determines that normal transactions are difficult to carry out due to repeated returns or exchanges

Ø  Violations of these Terms and Conditions or the Shopping Guide

Ø  Other instances deemed by ANGFA Store as unbecoming of a member

Ø  When receiving an order for a quantity that exceeds the limit set up as part of the sales conditions set by the Company based on the standards of the Company

Ø  When receiving an order that could be for resale or other commercial purposes based on the standards of the Company

l  ANGFA Store reserves the right to postpone shipment of an order until it has verified that no problems exist in terms of the acts stated above. ANGFA Store cannot be held liability whatsoever when taking measures for the previous two acts, regardless if the customer incurs damages or disadvantages.

l  Purchaser shall preliminarily acknowledge and agree that purchased product(s) may be prohibited or restricted to import in country or territory that the Purchaser specified as shipping-address.
Even if the purchased product(s) is/are returned to the Company or disposed because of the import prohibition or restriction, the Company both accepts no liability for any damage, and does not refund the purchase price, delivery cost, or other fees that the Purchaser has already paid.

l  Purchaser shall preliminarily acknowledge and agree both 1) that customs duty may be imposed on purchased product(s) according to amount or price of product(s) and 2) that extra shipping cost may be incurred in domestic delivery in Purchaser’s country.
The customs duty for the product(s) and the extra shipping cost shall be paid by the Purchaser.  Also, the Company does not any guarantee that Purchaser's order will clear customs.

l  Purchaser shall preliminarily acknowledge that it may be difficult or impossible to deliver because of security problem or other domestic situation of country of shipping address or stopover country.
Even if delaying of delivery or loss of purchased product(s) occurs because of the security problem, etc., the Company both accepts no liability for any damage, and does not refund the purchase price, delivery cost, or other fees that the Purchaser has already paid.

Consultative Matters and Court of Jurisdiction

l  All disputes occurring between a user and ANGFA Store shall be settled by discussions held in good faith between both parties. If a settlement cannot be reached after consultations per the previous paragraph, both the user and ANGFA Store shall file a lawsuit or apply for arbitration with the exclusive jurisdiction belonging to Tokyo District Court.

l  These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Japan.

l  “UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)” does not apply to all trading through ANGFA Store.

l  The Company provides Purchaser and/or user of This Site with translations of the Japanese language version of These Terms.  Purchaser shall agree that the translations shall be provided for his/her convenience only, and that the Japanese language version of These Terms will govern relationship between the Company and Purchaser.